Sunday, October 28, 2012

sri lankan traditional dancing

There are three varietys of dancing types in srilaka they are udarata, pahatharata, sabaragamu these three types are famous in three places in sri lanka, Udarata dance famouse in the hill country witch situated in middle of the sri lanka. In hear pageant will hold in every year in sri lanka.

Pahatharata dance situated in the sea side of sri lanak This dance is bit different form the udarata dance. Different steps and different gestures. Instruments also different form the udarata dance. This dance mostly doing with wearing many masks.

Sabaragamu dance famous in the south west side in the srilanka this dance also using different instruments costumes and jewelers. And this dancing type is carrying lots off differences than other dancing types.

Sri lankens likes to see all types of these traditional dancing types. Most of foreigners likes to watch these dances. Because of the fascinating dancing movements and the music these dances attracting most of peoples to our country.